In just over 40 days, the exhibition What a Wonderful World was seen by 12,000 visitors! The fifty amazing photographs taken by twenty photographers of the National Geographic Society fascinated an enthusiastic and appreciative audience with the wonders of our planet, reminding us that so much is at stake if we do not take care of the environment in which we live.

Some of our visitors’ comments

«It’s nice, and it’s OURS!», reads one of the remarks in the guestbook. «Long live our planet!», wrote Maria and Samuele. «We are breathless and unable to close our eyes, not even for one moment, lest we miss the wonder of it all».
The reactions of those who admired the photos are of amazement at the charm of our Earth and at the skills of the photographers. «At long last we can pause to reflect upon images that don’t just disappear».
We are glad to have offered the public the opportunity of undertaking a «tour around the world on two floors» and to have launched a message that we hope was heard loud and clear: our planet is wonderful, let’s take care of it!

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