Bizzarrini e Lampredi

Two men, two engineers, two characters.
One, Bizzarrini, as bizarre as his name, a genius with profound insight into mechanics, the creator of dozens of projects, revered all over the world as the Leonardo of engines, offering an exceptional combination of aesthetic sense in design and power of the engines; a leading man of major Italian car manufacturers, though always for a short time, and then an entrepreneur with his own company brand that he called “scuderie” (racing team), faithful to his passion for the racetrack. Always a “craftsman” of his creations, he was able to produce his own prototypes and unique pieces, custom built for clients from all over the world.

The other, Lampredi, was a more self-possessed, highly-skilled technician who expressed his talent in large-scale industry, reaching peaks of excellence. Methodical, disciplined and discreet, he was able to design cars and engines that have gone down in history, including the famous twin-shaft engine, the motor monument to the Italian car.

What do these two have in common, apart from being engineering graduates and having been born in Livorno? Perhaps nothing, really.
But actually, in their extraordinary difference, they perfectly represent the spirit of their city and, by extension, of Italian creativeness. Livorno is a sea town and was Italy’s most important port for at least two hundred years. Its seafaring spirit encourages travels in search of new worlds, and its inhabitants are good at improvising and always ready to face new experiences; they know how to deal with new situations, they love adventure, freedom of thought, and action. But Livorno is also a Tuscan city. Tuscany with its gentle, beautiful landscape was the cradle of great craftsmen and their extraordinary creations. It is Livorno that binds Bizzarrini and Lampredi: precisely the city that encompasses both the most daring seafaring approach and the most reflective, profound Tuscan spirit.

This exhibition, planned and organized by the Geiger Foundation of Cecina, is meant to celebrate them, but also highlight their very different personality, work and history.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Cecina car club Garage del Tempo, it was possible to display some of the most successful commercial projects by Bizzarrini and Lampredi. The exhibition will also be accompanied by original materials, information, news, drawings as well as images of the lives and work of the two engineers.

On show:

Fiat 125 Special, Bizzarrini 5300 strada, Ferrari 250 GT Pininfarina, Fiat 500 Macchinetta, ASA 1000 GT, Fiat Dino spider, Fiat Abarth 131 “livrea Alitalia”, Bizzarrini 128 prototype, Bizzarrini Kjara prototype

And also:

- the working prototype of the wind tunnel invented by Bizzarrini
- a working engine cross-section for teaching and illustration purposes

From 17 July to 13 September 2010
Hermann Geiger Cultural Foundation – Exhibition Hall, Corso Matteotti 47, Cecina (LI)
Opening hours: daily from Monday to Sunday, from 6 pm to 11 pm.
Exhibition and catalogue by Vittorio Riguzzi

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