Hermann Geiger

Hermann Geiger was born in Basel in Alemannengasse - Klein Basel on September 10, 1870 into a family originally from Heidelberg, related to the Heuss and Knapp families.
In 1862 his father Friedrich, who had a pharmacy degree, purchased one of Basel's oldest chemists, the "Goldene Apotheke Basel" (GABA), established in 1638. In the same year, he began to make Wybert tablets based on an original recipe by Dr. Emanuel Wybert for sale in the chemist's. Until 1900 the tablets were produced in a workshop right in the chemist's cellar.

The family lived in the same building as the chemist's in Freiestrasse, where Hermann was born in 1870.
The young Hermann attended primary and secondary school, where he developed an interest in botany, chemistry and physics which inspired him to register for a number of apprenticeships in Basel and then in Zurich.
He loved music and learned to play the cello.
Hermann attended Zurich University, and graduated with honors in 1897 with a thesis entitled "Contribution to pharmaceutical and botanical diagnostics of knowledge of jaborandi leaves".
He returned to Basel and was married there on January 28, 1897. He and his wife had three children: two girls and a boy.
The Wybert Tablet was approved and patented in Basel.

In 1906 the first factory for industrial production of Wybert Tablets opened in St. Louis (Alsace).
In 1917 Hermann founded GABA AG for Wybert-Gaba production and sale.
Between 1919 and 1926 he established GABA BV Netherlands, Gmbh Loerrach Tumringen and Doma AG of Basel, which became a holding company as the Group expanded all over Europe.
In 1944 Gaba AG began to specialize in oral hygiene and began to market the first toothpaste containing Vitamin A, soon followed by Aronal, Elmex red, Meridol with amine fluorides and finally Elmex Sensitive, some of which were patent-protected.
Hermann Geiger died on April 2 1962, leaving his heirs a thriving holding company.

In 1979 Gaba AG became GABA International AG Basel and coordinated all corporate departments. It was at this time that trademarks later to become successful world-wide were registered.
In 1999 "Entenbad" Logistics Center was opened in Loerrach Haningen.
Until 2004 the Group continued to purchase companies in France and Italy.
Colgate-Palmolive took over the GABA Group in 2004.

"All I did, I did it out of love"    Hermann Geiger